Eminent Person 2013

For my Grade nine eminent person, I chose French neurologist Gilles de la Tourette, who was the first person to diagnose Tourette Syndrome. He also worked with hypnotism in court cases, and was later shot in the head (which wasn’t the cause of his death). The following links are all of my posts.

This is the introductory post, which gives a summary of the person’s life and why I chose them.


This is my Vancouver library trip, in which I include a brief synopsis of our trip to Vancouver to learn about our eminent person.


This is the post about my interview with a professional on Tourette Syndrome, outlining all the steps required as well as the responses.


This is my Document of Learning post, which outlines all the steps I had taken to get to where I was.


This is my bibliography post, where I included all the resources I used with a desription of each one.


This is my Eminent night reflection, where I reflect (really?) on how the Night of the Notables went for me.


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