Eminent 2014

For my 2014 eminent person project, I have chosen to study Bill Nye. A world renowned scientist who is know for not being much of a professional scientist. Below are links to all of the posts that I have done for this year’s project.

Interview Post

A post summarizing an interview with Devon Ross that I had secured for my Night of the Notables project.

Reflection Post

A reflection on the Night of the Notables, and how the whole night went down.

Annotated Biblography:

This is where I have stored all of the links to resources that I have used throughout the project.

Introductory Post:

The introduction to my 2014 eminent person

Library trip:

A reflection on our class’s trip to the SFU campus and library, where we got to find resources on our eminent person and look at life on a university campus.

Document of Learning

A post reflecting my learning at that point in the project, and also elaborating on what I will be doing for my learning center at the night of the notables.

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