Political Narratives and their Related Parties

To me, the political narrative with the most influence on my thoughts would be the Economy narrative, but more specifically how taxes and wages are distributed through different classes of people. To me this is one of the biggest deciding factors, since I put a lot of value on my money and how I am able to save it, since with this money I am given the opportunity to do many more things with my life. Although I do place value on how the government treats me as a person, and what freedoms they will give me, I would rather have the money to go out and fulfill my life through activities like sports and travelling. I also think that this narrative is the most important since in my opinion, the way that the government distributes taxes will also reflect the other narratives. For example, a government that is focusing on cutting taxes for small businesses will most likely be putting the most value on middle class people, which is also an important factor to me.

Within this narrative, I would be most likely to elect a government that would lower taxes on necessary items such as food and some hygiene products, and also give more benefits to families in need. I would also like to seem some regulations and tax raises put on large corporations to prevent them from creating an extremely wealthy upper class. In my ideal situation, those who are in lower classes are given the opportunity to advance  through the use of lower taxes and wage increases, but once they get into upper classes they are no longer given help from the government in order to stop them from taking in too much wealth.


I think that the party which best presents this narrative would be the liberal party. The first flag to show this would be the fact that their policy slogan is “Fairness For the Middle Class”. The next benefit that jumps out at me is that they are cancelling income splitting and other tax breaks for the wealthy, insuring that they never leap too far ahead of the middle class. I view this as very important, since it is a bold statement against a very powerful and influential group of people. To me, it shows that they are taking a very strong stance and are willing to stay true to their word in balancing the economy in favor of the middle class.

The next part that I view as supporting my beliefs would be the family benefits that they will be implementing.  On the homepage of their website, there is a calculator to show how much a family could benefit from electing the Liberal party. In a family making $100,000  year, with one child under 6 and one child under 17, they could receive an annual tax free benefit of $5,325.00. To me, this seems like a relatively average middle class family, so the benefits could be extremely helpful. For a family in a bad position, with 3 children under 6 making an annual income of $50,000,they would receive $16,000 each year, tax free. This is an enormous benefit for a low income family, and these benefits can be given to people in every class. To me this is a large influence on which party I would choose to vote for, since it is a benefit that can work for all of Canada, yet give more priority to those in need.

A final point that is advertised on their website is the tax cuts and raises that they will be giving. For starters, the upper class will have an increase on their income tax. The tax increase that they receive then turns into a tax deduction for those living in lower classes. Anyone making in between $44,000 and $89,000 will receive a 7% drop in taxes, going from 22% down to 20.5%. Savings have been projected as being close to $670, with a maximum benefit of $1350 for a couple. Upper class income taxes will be raised to a new high of 33% to compensate for the deductions on lower classes. This is a very important point to me, since most of the population does not live in a class making over $200,000, and those who do live in that bracket can sacrifice some of their abundant wealth for those who need it.

The way I see it, we shouldn’t have most of the population driving 1990’s Civics while a small percent drives BMW’s and Mercedes. Instead, we should be satisfied with everyone driving an average Mazda or Toyota. Nobody needs to have exponentially more money than those around them. Although if they work harder, they should be entitled to have more than some others, they should not receive so much that those around them are damaged. From the research that I’ve done, the Liberal party represents my views the best, which is why I believe that they could form the future Canada that I wish to see.