In Depth Post #7, finished song

After multiple sessions of recording and deleting failed attempts, I’ve finally been able to settle on a few clips that I’m satisfied with. My first song is coming into shape, the drum line will need to be worked on, but I have the bass and guitar recorded and put together. The process took much longer then I would have initially thought; every time I recorded something, there would always be a small issue with it that made it necessary to do a re-take. I eventually settled on a bass recording that had only one small error with it, and a guitar track that was satisfactory. However, while I was recording the song, I ran into a roadblock and had to almost entirely restart the guitar part.

Partway through my most recent recording session, I decided to play the bass and guitar parts together to make sure they lined up properly. What I found out is that I had based part of the melody on the wrong chord structure, and I would have to re-create a large part of it. This was especially frustrating since I had just finished recording a satisfactory guitar track with the original melody, and I then had to change it and try to record it all over again. After another hour or so, I got that finished, and I thought I was done. I put the two parts together again and noticed yet another error: The bass amp’s volume was turned up too loud when I was recording, causing the microphone to vibrate in its stand and make the recording quality awful. The result? Record the bass line, again, with a lower volume.

I finally got both parts done. It was awful running into the roadblocks, but I was luckily able to find workarounds. Now, all I would have to do is make the drum line. However, the recording had taken so long that I had no time left to work on the drumline, the weekend was close to over and I was fully booked for the rest of the day. I’ll get it finalized at some point though, or if I can’t get it to work out, the song sounds good enough without the drums. At this point, I’ll start to work on another song, hopefully in another style, to broaden my range of composing abilities, rather than focusing on only jazz.

Sessions with my mentor have been great so far. In our most recent sessions, we shared a common thought on some strange conductors that we’ve had to work with. My mentor in general has been a rather uncompassionate person, focusing more seriously on the music and less so on personal connections, which is fine by me. However, this time, we were able to actually share a personal connection. I’d like to say that it held a rather happy nature, talking about some incidents we’ve had with angry conductors or conductors who couldn’t actually keep time properly. It made the lesson much more enjoyable, since at the end of the conversation, I could notice that we were both feeling more lively and ready to focus.

We’ve also had some great conversations about more serious topics. For example, when we were focusing on writing out chord structure, I had asked about what would define a chord as being diminished. This diverted the conversation to talking about how chords all connect with each other, witching between different modes and how they link up being different keys in what’s called a relative minor. Although we ended up running out of time to talk about the original topic, I ended up learning a lot that I wouldn’t have otherwise, and it ended up being a great diversion.

With in-depth coming up, I’ll hopefully be able to speed up the rate at which I can record songs so that I can have a couple more done to present on the night of.

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  1. Thank you for another detailed, reflective post and sharing a recording. It is a very time-consuming process. You incorporated many of de Bono’s concepts effectively. I am looking forward to hearing the final product on in-depth night.

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