John Graves Simcoe #2, reflecting upon the Act of Union

Upper and Lower Canada have merged, and my thoughts are conflicted on this topic. I support them merging, due to the fact that it will help support the minorities, and preserve their culture, but I also cannot bear to see Canada leave England. After all the work that I had put in to making sure that Canada stood strong, to see it break off and make a half-baked attempt at independence would leave me broken. I established Canada under the hope that it would receive support from England, allowing it to thrive and have ample protection. Without the English on their side, they would be nothing. It is of the utmost priority that they do not leave, but I cannot stop them due to my death. However, as a single, united nation, they will be able to advance much faster. More land will allow for more resources, and more resources will lead to faster advancements in their technologies. Even the aboriginals could become part of this growing nation, should they be willing to help the Canadians gather together the necessary resources.

It is key that when they are a united province, the Canadians can agree on one political stance. Should there be Independence and Loyalist fighters locked in combat, they will soon cause the province to crumble, allowing Americans to swoop in and take over. With any luck, the English will have some motivation to move into Canada, helping it become stronger and have better bonds with England. Although they may think they can get along on their own, they NEED the support from the English. Without them, Canada would be unprotected, and have much slower technological advances, leaving them vulnerable to invaders. As a military officer I know the importance that they are well protected, since as a new land, the rest of the world will be eager to make an attempt to take over. English immigration would strengthen Canada’s numbers, and improve it’s chances of standing strong in this advancing world.

Although I cannot predict the future, I can only hope that Canada holds up against the waves of time, and that they will stay under the wing of the English for as long as possible. The English can protect and help them, ensuring that they will not fall to any opposing forces. Although they may be a unified province, they are still not strong enough to stand on their own. Maybe one day they can break off from us, but for now I pray that they do not.

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