In Depth Post #6

With a little less than half of the In Depth project remaining, it’s time that I start working harder on getting some songs recorded. Over the past two weeks, I’ve finalized my ideas and I’ve begun to record my first song. So far, I have the melody and bass line recorded. I’ve found that it’s actually harder than I would have thought to get the recordings to a point where I am satisfied with the quality. Quite often, I’ll be slightly off tempo, or I’ll miss a note here and there. When this happens, you end up having to restart the whole recording, which can be a very time consuming process. Due to the fact that I was gone to Cuba for a week during spring break, and had a 3 day course immediately after, I’ve had to put in some effort to get these recordings made.

Once I did end up finding some time, I put together the small set up that I would be using to record. At Christmas, I had gotten a Blue Yeti microphone, which is one of the higher end microphones that plugs directly into a USB port; USB ports are convenient and easy to use, making this microphone the best choice for my purposes. I had the microphone set up facing the amp, about 2-3 feet away to ensure that it picked up enough sound, without being too loud and sounding grainy. The microphone was plugged into my computer, which I was using to record the sound tracks. I also had a pair of headphones playing back a metronome track to help me keep tempo without the sound leaking into the recording; a regular metronome could not be used, since the microphone would pick up the sound and ruin the recording. I recorded the melody using an electric guitar, and then recorded a bass line afterwards. The next step for me is putting it into a sound mixing program, and adding a drum track which I will have to create digitally.

Over the course of this projects, I’ve ran into a few concepts that may have become problems in the future. For example, getting a drum track recorded would be difficult, since I do not play or own a drum set. Working with my mentor, we found an alternative, which was to either create or find a drum track that fit the song digitally. This way, I wouldn’t have to struggle to acquire and learn a new instrument, and a digital track will always have perfect tempo, which makes it much more convenient. During the beginning of the project, there was also the issue that I was still relatively new to writing chord structures. The alternative that we decided on was to use an existing chord structure, and write a new melody on top of it.

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  1. Sounds like you are ready to share a recording soon. You are every dedicated to this project. I am impressed with your focus and problem-solving skills.

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