Anotated Biblography

A collection of sources used in this project:

William Sanford Nye. (2014). The website. Retrieved 11:22, Nov 28, 2014, from

Main source for confirming any information. Used this for many of the simple facts such as “where was he born”, not much in the way of his effect on the world. This article is nearly identical to the Wikipedia one, leading me to believe that one of them is copied.

If you say you didn’t use Wikipedia, you’re lying. All of the facts in here were confirmed from the biography page, this was just to get an outline of his life.

Not a ton of information, but this article gives more insight into how Bill was as a person, rather than just the basic facts about him

This one seemed like a fairly credible source, but it’s literally the exact same as the first two (Wikipedia and biography) with a couple of words chopped out. It seems as if I’ve already found the best document about him and all the others are just copies. Either way this one confirmed for me that the other two were accurate, so I can stop searching for more replicas of the same thing.


I got an interview with one of the science teachers in SD43 to see how the use of Bill Nye’s videos have affected science classes in our local schools. I also got some ideas for my learning center from here.

Document of Learning, Eminent Person

Document of learning post:

Eminent night is quickly approaching, and this year I feel much more prepared than I was last year.

I’ve so far managed to do quite a bit of work. My learning center is planned, I have a speech mostly memorized, I was able to get an interview, but I haven’t been able to get a full costume yet. As far as “achieving my goals” goes, I haven’t fully succeeded in that yet. The only IEP goal that I can relate to this is handing my assignments in on time, and I can’t really achieve that until the night itself. For personal goals I wanted to renew my interest for science, and so far I think that I am doing pretty well on that one. My grade 8 year was just awful for science, but so far I’ve been able to renew some of my previous interest. I think one of the biggest assisting factors in this was being able to take the physics courses in school, and through this project I am able to rediscover some of the things I used to love about science. I am also hoping to be able to take some of the teaching methods that Bill Nye used, and put them into use in some upcoming lessons such as our English lessons. Quite often student taught lessons can be generic and monotonous, so I am hoping to be able to take some his Nye’s methods to enrich any lessons that I will be teaching.

As far as my progress for the actual night of the notables goes, I believe that I have most of what I need already prepared. The center piece of my learning center will be three basic science experiments, which I will be using to emulate Nye’s hands on teaching style. The first of which will be a ‘Reaction in a bag’, where chemicals are mixed in compartments to create simple reactions. The second will be a miniature hovercraft, made of a CD and a balloon. I made three full scale hovercrafts back in middle school for a science fair using plywood and a leaf blower, but these scaled down versions will also be able to provide some sustained flight (however long the balloon provides air pressure). The last of the experiments will be a pressurized air cannon, firing socks. I used the air cannon for another science fair back in middle school, back then it fired projectiles made of 5 inch long pvc pipes, filled with sand and wrapped in rubber and duct tape. These miniature mortar shells flew for a solid 200 feet when fired at 30psi and the using the longest attachment of our extendable barrel. At 60psi we could fire over a soccer field’s worth of distance, which is obviously not safe for school indoors. Instead, I’ll be using a much lower psi, and also firing harmless socks. I’ve tried this before, and although the socks fire with a ludicrously high muzzle velocity, the wonders of air resistance render it immobile within 8-10 feet. Even if you’re within a few feet of the cannon and get hit by a sock, you can barely feel the impact. My plan is to use this cannon with a target set up, possibly empty cans, as an interactive experiment alongside the reaction and hovercraft. Alongside the cannon will be a quiz, where I will use the test results from the original science fair, with the cannon, and have people guess the distances and which combination of projectile weight and barrel worked best. I’ll have some sort of prize available, probably just a bulk bag of candies. IMG_20141121_072433_1024x768


I believe that the three of these represent Bill Nye’s teaching style very well, since many of his lessons were taught using hands on demonstration and experiments, many of which could be very simple, or some were more complex. Either way, his most effective teaching methods were always through the use of hands on demonstrations.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good about the night of the notables. I have a speech written and mostly memorized; I have an interview, I have a learning center plan, and I have a few pieces for the costume. Even though the night is less than two weeks away, I feel prepared and much more ready than last year. In general, my excitement level for the Night of the Notables has gone from a “meh out of 10” to a solid 9/10.

Eminent Library Trip

I frankly came into this trip expecting to achieve next to nothing. This way, it’s nearly impossible to be disappointed with the results, no matter how bad they may be. Out of the four suggested categories of what we may want to get out of the trip, I decided to go with inspiration and bonding, however I would have been fine with only achieving one of them.

I doubted that SFU would carry books on Bill Nye, and I was half right. They did indeed carry three different books about Bill Nye, however they were all about a man that died sometime in 1930. I had high hopes for the book entitled “Bill Nye’s western humor”, but it turns out that book was also about our grave bound friend. Was there any relation between the modern day TV host and the pile o’ bones Bill?

I have no clue
As far as experience on a University campus goes, I wasn’t really in search of that either. This is because I live around a thirty minute walk away from the place, and I’ve already done multiple activities up there, ranging from leadership courses to diving. I didn’t have high hopes for finding anything new and exciting from our brief stay on campus.

pano resize

This left me with inspiration and peer bonding. Strangely enough, I found both of these in abundance, and in the same places. It was not the museum, tour or library that inspired me, but rather it was an all you can eat buffet and a trip on the big yellow sardine can. Many would be able to see how those promote bonding, but for an eminent person study they seem about as inspiring as a thesis on bricks. However, I found them inspiring in a way that I would not have expected. These two event created the theme of my trip: Fun. Although this is EXACTLY what we were told the trip was not meant to be about, I found my inspiration through fun.

By embarking on a project based trips, you associate your experiences on the trip with the project. For example’ If I were to be abducted by extra-terrestrials on the trip, I would then associate the eminent person project with alien abductions and human experimentation. i would longer enjoy the project, rather I would want to stay away from it. However, if I got to drive rally cars on the trip, I would associate the eminent person project with rally cars,, and I would very much so want to do the project again. This is why I found my fun experiences to be important, since they will influence how I think about the project. So what were these fun experiences?

First off would be the ride on the school bus, where we played charades and talked about “boy things”. Did I bond with peers? Yes. Was it fun? Certainly. Was it inspiring? Of course it was, I just spent the last quarter of this post explaining why having fun was inspiring.

Next is the Indian buffet, where i ate as much naan bread in one sitting as an actual Indian family of four would eat in a few days. This, to me, was blissfully fun. Next to me there was also an ancient ritual of testosterone pumped males known as an “eating contest”, which was also quite fun to watch. The meal also involved peer bonding, allowing me to check off both inspiration and bonding from the to do list.


Throughout this trip, I think I learned next to nothing. Nothing that I expected to learn about at least. I cam prepared to rigorously study facts about a quirky scientist, but instead I became educated in what I think is even more important. I learned how these experiences can truly change someone’s perspective. For me, that is making the eminent person study seem more interesting, and more fun. This will strongly influence my eminent person study, as I will now be much more willing to dive deep into it, since I now associate it with positive things. I also learned more about some of my new classmates, and a bit more about some I had known from previous schools.

But most importantly, I learned to check the weather forecast before embarking on a partially outdoor trip.