Eminent Introductory Post

The catchy intro. You know it , everyone knows it. It has the word Bill multiple times, as well as the word science. Over. And over again.¬† He’s Bill Nye, everyone knows him. He’s the science teacher that didn’t make you fall asleep, and now he’s a activists that shuts down politicians like a windows reboot warning.BillNye-300-md

Born in 1955, November 27 Bill was introduced to a WW2 landscape, his father being a veteran who went through a Japanese POW camp. Now at 58 years of age, our beloved science guy started his career off in Boeing, where he starred in multiple training videos and developed¬† a hydraulic resonance suppressor for the famous 747 jet. These training videos were the start of his acting and teaching career. He then applied to NASA every few years, being rejected each time. So instead of pursuing his professional scientist vision, he became a writer and actor in a sketch comedy show called “Almost Live!”, where he earned the science guy nickname and occasionally played a speedwalking superhero.¬† After “Almost Live!”, he appeared in an animated “Back to the Future” series as Dr. Emmet’s assistant, where he would demonstrate the sciences that Emmet explained. This led to him starting up his own TV show, “Bill Nye the Science Guy”. For Nye, this is where it all took off. Over the span of 100 episodes, Nye taught some of the most important scientific topics for students, and became a staple item in any sane classroom. The TV cart in the room would always signify something incredible happening: Bill Nye would take over the class, and teach them via TV in ways that no other could. A career like this was a dangerous ones. There were already large companies that made science videos, but many children found them to be not even mildly entertaining. Nye approached it in an entirely different manner, and he luckily succeeded. Nye didn’t just make science simple, he made it entertaining. And although he no longer makes new episodes, his influence will still be around for decades to come as one of the best science teachers the world has come to know.


Yet Nye is not just a quirky TV show host. He also has multiple scientific achievements. These include a sundial for the Mars Rover that could also calibrate colours, and for reasons unknown to me he holds a United States patent for ballet shoes.

As far as Nye’s similarities to me stretch, we are both: White, male, and atheist (agnostic in his case). This is close to what a particular socials teacher would call the “easiest difficulty setting”. Essentially, the whites hold almost all of the world’s political power, as do the males. Straight people are considered “normal”, and therefore often given more respect. The only part that could turn up the difficulty setting by a slight touch would be not being a christian. This is essentially the difference between “Thomas the Tank Engine” and “Dora the Explorer”. See, Dora has some Spanish thrown in. That stuff is crazy hard you know? Although Nye is playing life with what some consider to be the near ultimate handicap, he is still an incredible person. Me? Although I would like to be, I think that few could possibly achieve the level of enlightenment that Nye has reached.

However, I would like to believe that both I and Nye (that sounded really cheesy) have some connection on a slightly higher level. This would not actually be a profound love for science, since although I am very interested in physics, I try to avoid the rest of high school science courses. Nye on the other hand teaches pretty much everything. However, I quite like the fact that everything he does is based on pure, unfiltered logic. Although many of his TV show demonstrations could be considered as dumbed down, they still revolve around actual science, with no filler thrown in to make the concepts easier. Rather, he demonstrates them with physical examples that are a scaled down or expanded version of what is actually happening. Instead of just grazing what the topic is about, he actually teaches why and how through demonstrations that make sense.

In my previous years, from elementary school to early middle school, Nye was the best teacher that I could imagine. Instead of just reading from a textbook, he actually understood the concepts, and knew how to teach younger children in a way that they could understand. He’s taught not just me, but everyone, not only science but how to properly teach a class in an engaging and entertaining manner.

As for my goals in this project, I am hoping to renew a love for science. I found interest in the topic during middle school, but after starting in high school I have lost interest in a large portion of it, physics being the only part that I still truly enjoy. This is also one of my main learning goals for the entire year, as I am hoping to succeed in my physics 11 course, in an attempt to find a subject that I truly enjoy. I enjoyed it during the science 10 unit, and I am hoping to continue with it for the rest of my high school life. In the long run, I hope that this project will give me some more insight into scientific careers. I have been interested in entering some sort of engineering path, and with any luck, studying one of the most prominent modern scientists will help me gain insight as to what that would involve, and what options I have.