A Historical Life

Jhon de la Visconse

A life’s story

Chapter  1, the master of puppets

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Jhon de la Visconse, a Frenchman from the Visconse family. I am the last in the line of my heritage, and plan on keeping it that way. Who in this world has the time or patience to be raising a child? It would be a bastard at that if I were to ever have one, as I would be long gone by the time it was born. Such petty activities such as intercourse are below me. I do not have the time. I am a busy man, with very important duties. I have less time than the highest of government officials, yet I am not one. A royal? Far from it. A farmer than? Even further away from the truth. All the people of France occupy some known position, all except for me. My position is that of an unknown man. Someone forever behind a veil through which no eyes may peer, I am a man of secrecy. I work for no pay, and I work without any breaks. For I am a master of puppets, however I do not control the marionettes of wood and wool, I move the limbs of flesh and blood. I make them talk and walk, I make them write and I make them fight. I control them all. I am the man the revolution never knew, yet knew about the whole time. My name will never go down in the history books, otherwise, I would have been bad at my job. For my job is to exert power behind the scenes, where nobody can see me. I am the one who sets the stage and writes the lines, I am the director, making the actors bid my will. I am the one in control. For I, am the master of puppets.


Chapter 2, the beginning of the end

I pity the fool, since the fool is so foolish so that he does not even realize he is a fool. That is his fatal flaw. That is the string that I pull on, to make his lips move, so his movements can mimic my voice. How quaint that he thinks he is in control of France. King Louis is nothing more than an instrument, at which I am plucking at the strings. A puppet at the mercy of my hands. I feed him lies, I give him false motives. I tell him to raise the price of bread, to motivate people to work harder so they can get more money to pay for their food. Little does he realize that all he is doing is causing an uproar. He thinks that the people of France are too weak to revolt, but working in a field all day turns out to be good exercise. And so he raises the bread prices, not knowing what it will soon spark. All he does is make the people angry. I however, continue to live a comfortable life under the wealth of the king, as he treats me like a royal. He gives me free food, and free accommodations. I live like the rest of the royals. It is that that has casued the divide in classes. The Royals and upperclass citizens get such better conditions, and the king gives them more voting power so they can keep it this way. This just makes the rift between classes bigger with every passing year. But making the lower classes andgry is just one little piece in my plan for the upcoming revolution. I worked behind the scenes, as the kings most trusted, yet secret advisor. He followed my every word, almost never questioning my motives. It is too bad that it would soon cost him his head.


Chapter 3, a new puppet

The day when the first big pieces of my plan were to fall into place. A great day. A day where I would no longer be locked away in the castle. No, my plans required me to go elsewhere. Where exactly? Outside of course, to meet my new revolutionaires. But first I had to find ways to influence them, so earlier on, I had a little talk with the king. A talk to ensure that he would give the press less censorship, allowing my little people to spread their words to all that can read a pamphlet. Then people began to throw out their voice on these little pieces of paper, and they were sharing some common ideas. How incredible it is, that such an invention like the printing press would be the cause of such a large to be revolution. And so I made the Abbé Sieyès my newest puppet, and ensured that the motions he called for would be how I wanted. Alas, I can not make him follow my every word. If I want the revolution to succeed, I must let them have some of their own say in it, otherwise they will quickly become disinterested. Large changes cannot be made by one man, they must be made by many people. If not, nobody will be happy, and a second revolution would quickly occur. The Abbes does not know of my plans. He does not know that when France is conquered, I shall be at the head of the revolution without anybody realizing. I will have so many of the main revolutionaries following me that they will vote for me to lead in a tyranny that they had no idea they were creating. I will give them stories of democracy, but in the end, I will become the new tyrant of France, and make it into a rationalist country that no longer depends on the word of god. Then, I will make this country into a military superpower. There will be no nobles, nobles are useless. There will only be one common folk society, where everybody does equal work in their area of expertise, and everyone is trained to fight. The only ones who will have more privileges are my generals and other higher ranking personnel, but even they will be required to pull their own load. I can not have anybody slacking if our country is to succeed.


And so the abbes calls for an oath, an oath to create a constitution. A constitution that I will indirectly write, to ensure there is a loophole through which I can pass, and come into power. I will make it perfect.



Chapter 4, a storm on the horizon

Necker made an error in his debt calculations. Or did he really? Of course, I was the one to cause this. Under the disguise of a worker in the finances assembly, I gave him documents that had incorrect sums of debt on them. I then got King Louis to fire him, little did he know the people of France thought he was lashing out at the Assembly, and got scared. Troops marching towards them did not help either. So they assembled, and started to rebel. The target for the rebellion? The bastille. I had told their leaders of the great ammunitions inside it, and had given them what they thought was the perfect cover up plan. Simply say they were rescuing the prisoners. The people would not see this as a lie of course? And so, with some of the soldiers backing them up, the revolutionaries quickly stormed the bastille, making it a victory to be told in the history books.

Chapter 5, a flock of women

Does this sound strange to you? Hopefully so, since there is no such thing as a flock of humans. However, this is how I wish to refer to this particular group. Rumours of the kings bodyguards coming towards them were quickly spread throughout this group of Parisian rumours. Who made them? Why of course, it was I. The king still does not know about my little ventures to the outdoors, but I always make them very fruitful. This time, I told a large group of  people abou the rising bread prices, and how they could “fix” this. The men were not terribly interested, since there was work to be done to pay for that bread. However, the women took the idea by storm. They found more women, and those women found more women, until there was a full scale riot happening. Their march to Versailles was certainly catastrophic, as they killed multiple guards. Asking for bread, they were scoffed at and told to go home. How amazing that a little price change can change a person’s values so much, sending them into a frenzy of blood. Unsurprisingly to me, their overwhelming numbers were able to take the king, and force him into Paris. Of course, I was gone by this point, already discussing with the National Assembly what they should do now that they could be an official group. Imagine the power that I had. In all honesty, I am glad that the women are taking matters into their own hands. In my France, everyone would have to pull their equal share, women and men alike. I do not care if one has different genitals than the other, they all receive equal rights, and therefore they all receive equal duties. Hopefully, Europe would continue on with this value after I finished conquering it.


Chapter 6, from riches to rags

The revolutionaries were quickly losing fuel. Since the king was not exerting much force, they no longer had much to complain about. The bread prices were still high, causing many to be starving, and farmers and bakers to be working all hours of the day, but there was nothing new happening. Living conditions were beyond poor for the French, so I decided that a change needed to be made. My plan was simple, make the King the villain once more. I told him about how much danger him and his family were in, and told him of safety in Austria. Eventually, he agreed that to flee would be the best course of action. Dressed as servants, the king quickly fled. However, I had already sent word out to the border ahead of time, telling them to check all the faces extra carefully. Of course, they caught the king immediately, giving revolutionaries the perfect opportunity to be angry once more. I pity the king’s stupidity sometimes. In a central country like France, fleeing would not seem hard. There are many ways out, which is why I was able to persuade the king to flee the country. It is also why I want to make France a military superpower, since from where we sit, we have access to many land wars as well as a large naval fleet, perfect for staging wars on our neighboring countries. Hopefully, I may take advantage of this to the fullest, and change our nation’s values. If our politicians and societies alike could conform to my opinions, we would be unstoppable.

Chapter 7, a signature

After a very long period of time, I decided to get the king to sign the constitution. I had left the revolutionaries to their own devices for long enough that they felt they were doing something, but the morale was quickly lowering. With the kings’ recent flight to Austria having been a failure, him not signing the constitution would cause even more riots. He made himself look like such a coward that even he knows that he must sign it. And so, I told the king to go ahead and pass the document. For the revolutionaries, this is a major step in making France a more modern nations, where everyone can have rights. For me, however, this is about joining together not only France, but all of Europe. I strive to make Europe into one nation, with a common language, so that I may control an entire continent. One country can be powerful enough to take over a great amount of land, but an entire continent is nearly unstoppable.

Chapter 8, off with his head

Forgive my inability to keep my writing up to date. Here in the present, I have lost much of my control, and I have not had much time to write anything. I fear this entry may be my last, as the citizens of France saw me with the king. Allow me to elaborate. Revolutionaries have come into power, specifically, the Montagnardes. This is very bad for me, since they are the group I have had the least control with. They have decided to put the king on trial for execution, and I am under the assumption that his head will most certainly be put on the chopping block. Earlier, I was seen talking with the fool, attempting to get him to give me access to his valuables. However, some guards saw me with him before the trial, and I was forced to flee. They are none the wiser of my original plans, but I am wanted for possibly being a conspirator trying to save the king. Anyhow, my plan has evidently not worked at all. Now I hide, and I wait


Chapter 9, the end of the end

I write this with haste, excuse the poor wording. Montagnarde guards are outside of the door, they have finally found me and wish to kill me in secrecy. I have been hiding for quite some time, but after the assassination of Marat, the Montagnarges have been increasing their haste in finding me. Marat was one of my most useful tools, and they found some of my letters to him on the crime scene. They did not know who sent them, but remembered me from before, thus they chase me once more. They do not want to disturb the civilians, and so my death will not be made public. You may read my book believing I am a terrible man for wanting to have full control over all of France, then Europe, but you do not understand. I want control bcause I can unite the people of France, I can unite the people of Europe. I can make us into a nation under one flag. It would be safer, no other continent would dare touch us. We would have better currency, better trade. Everyhting would just be better if I were to be allowed to unite us. I may have been the sole person in control, but that is simply because I am smarter than the rest. I know how to control others, how to make them move in according to my views, and how to make them all dance the same dance. I could make us great. But now my time has come, so I leave this book here, in hopes that someone else, someone other than the gaurds will find it, and put it to good use. Perhaps follow my plan in the future world? A word of advice, do not put all of your marbles into one bag as I did with Marat. Once the bag breaks, you have nothing left.



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