My final words, French Revolution, Marquis du Condorcet

I write this in great haste, for I fear my time shall come at any moment. Already, those with a sense of mind are being captured, and possibly sentenced to death. Marat, one of the last sensible people, has already been assassinated, even after he hid for so long from authorities, so long he claimed “all this hiding from the authorities will not prove good for my health.” I myself am on the run, hiding out for a total of five months now, and authorities will likely catch me soon. Should I fall to their hands, they will surely execute me. The Montagnards misrepresented my ideas, and upon criticizing them for not allowing me to throw out my own voice, they decided that I was no longer worthy to live freely anymore. That was five months ago, and now I hide in fear that they will arrest me. In my time here, I have been able to write another book, giving the people my final words before I perish. This shall surely be the end for me, leaving the Revolution as a now bitter memory. It was such a good cause, but it was poisoned by the most influential people.

With these ill-willed people at the head of France, the outcomes will surely not be any good. Although the outcomes would show people the possibilities of revolution, the implications that they put on France will be nothing but bad. They said they were fighting to get rid of a tyrannical monarch, but they are becoming just as much of a tyrant as he was. If King Louis could speak from the dead, perhaps even his opinion would be better than theirs. Maybe we should have stuck with him, not bothering to kill him but rather just force him to change his views.

Although I will likely be remembered as a traitor and scum, I wish for my words to be read, so that people may remember me as a voice for rationalism. I spoke for the people, no matter how discriminated they were. I supported the women and blacks, and wanted to give the slaves freedom! Yet with the actions of our new “leaders”, I will not be remembered for any of this.

So I write to you, in vain hopes that somebody will pass on my words and influence.


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