1791, the Beginnings of a new France, Marquis du Condorcet

My efforts have paid off, and after throwing my voice out to the people they have turned their minds in the right direction, thus electing me as a representative in the Assemble. Soon enough, I will have them promote me, hopefully to at least a secretary, so that I may have more control over what France shall turn into. I fear that without a logical mind at the head of France, the kings ways may well return. Already, Louis is showing his worst sides, further turning the people of France against him. Just a short while back, the scoundrel attempted to escape his house arrest dressed up as a servant! although people should be equal, a royal should never stoop so low as to pretend to be a peasant. What’s worse, he attempted to return, saying he only went over to prove to the Austrians that he too could be a brave and powerful king. However, how brave are you really when you sneak out in the night dressed as a servant? I can be certain now that a life in prison is still to good for the king, execution shall be his fate. What else can we do with a man that wants to continually suppress the women of France? Should I come to power, the women shall receive the right to vote and have every much of a place in society as our men. ┬áBut alas, the king is not the biggest of the problems, it is now the queen.

The queen is quite opposed to the constitution, making it increasingly difficult for us to put it into play. Although her popularity has declined greatly since the peak of her rule, she still has some influence over the king as a constitutional monarch. She does not want the constitution to work for the revolution, and she can influence the king to either not accept it, or to accept it but make yet another attempt at deceiving us. Not only is she attempt to stop the constitution, she is also trying to contact her brother, the Holy Roman Emperor, to come over and crush the revolutionaries. Although France was once a military superpower, the revolution has made us vulnerable, and having the Romans come would mean certain defeat for us. Luckily, the revolutionaries are beginning to see the queens’ flaws, and I believe that at the next chance they get, they will attempt to subdue her. Whether that is by arrest or death does not matter, she simply must go.

If we are able to purge the queen, we may be able to finish the revolution. With the royal family gone, I can only predict that the revolution will be a success, and should my plan work out, I shall be able to make France a rationalist country, pioneers in the rights of everyone, and progressing in technology and science faster than any other place in the world. But I must not get ahead of myself, the revolution is still in it’s progressing stages, so I must keep my focus on the present.





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