The Idea of Progress, Marquis du Condorcet

At last, the revolution has taken it’s first steps towards crushing the tyranny that has ruled over France for far to long. The monarchs that rule over us have been in such a high and mighty position that they seem to forget how to properly rule over a country, and are instead blinded by wealth and fortune. For a true France to emerge, we must abolish slavery,  and enfranchise the women. I have cultivated the Idea of Progress in my mind for years now, and I will finally have it put into place once the tyrants are overthrown. In my vision, the new France should be a rationalist society, where decisions are made based off fact and logic, not by personal opinions or messages from God. For a true France to emerge, we must turn to the most accurate forms of knowledge.

The kings rule has been that of a tyranny, and it must come to a stop. In my personal experience, my opinions have been covered up, and I have only been able to put my ideas forth in books, but not able to put them into place in our crumbling society. Should the revolution be a success, which I hope dearly it will be, I will make sure the people of France have an opportunity to see how a society should truly live.

Progress is what has kept man ahead of other races since our creation, and that is why we must keep cultivating progress instead of being kept in such an age, where we are ruled by the rich and stupid, while the smart and keen minded are left to be buried. To progress as a society, we must abolish slavery, free the women, establish provincial assemblies, and implement a universal public education. If we were to follow these guidelines, our entire country would be educated and have a free voice, meaning we would not have a small percentage of people capable of making decisions, but rather we would have thousands of intelligent minds. “I hope to see the bringing together of the best educated people of the earth into a Congress of Science.” (Citation no.3)  This is how we can make progress, and this is how we can turn France into a country of true and just power.


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One thought on “The Idea of Progress, Marquis du Condorcet”

  1. Marquis de Condorcet,
    You point out that France should be “a rationalist society, where decisions are made based off fact and logic, not by personal opinions”; however you clearly use only personal opinion when you insult the monarchy, calling your government “the rich and stupid”. Also, if the citizens are “smart and keen minded” enough, they can work their way up to a position that has authority.
    Your “rich and stupid” King Louis XVI of France

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