Mentorship question, In-depth week 12

1/2/3. Currently, my mentor Dave has been able to provide me with multiple learning opportunities inside the shop. This includes being able to see interactions with customers, how the pricing is worked out, and more importantly what a customer is expecting. He’s explained that many customers don’t quite understand that paying a higher amount for better service once is much better than paying a bit each time, but coming back for service over and over again. He’s also shown me how to properly present someone’s bike when they come to pick it up, including having it properly cleaned as a bonus. To accelerating and reinforce new learning, there are quite a few opportunities in Dave’s shop. Most of these revolve around the bikes that his customers bring in. As bikes are brought in, Dave is able to show me what to do on various components on the bike, and for smaller issues I am able to learn how to fix it myself, and get hands-on experience working with a large assortment of bikes.

4. When Dave and I get together for our mentoring sessions, we mostly talk about life in the world of biking, and he is quite interested in the in-depth project. We are also currently discussing ways that I can give back to him, including having my dad and I help Dave create a new website to improve on his existing one.

5. Currently, what is going particularly well with Dave in our mentoring sessions is the ability to communicate properly. He is able to see when I am struggling, and knows when to offer help and when to hold back so I can figure it out on my own.

6. From Dave, I am most prominently learning how to just be a guy that everyone seems to like. I have yet to meet someone who does not like him, and through observation I have noted some key elements as to how he interacts with customers and partners that really cements strong relationships with them.


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