Night of the Notables reflection

Commencing answering list questions:

As to how I fulfilled my goals, I don’t really think I did. My goal was to learn how to suppress my Tourette Syndrome, and mostly what I learned is that everyone has their own tactic, and not all of them will work for someone else. Essentially, I learned that I just have to figure it out for myself. To improve on future learning activities like this project, I think I would make more of an attempt to integrate my goal into the assignment. For example, one of the tabs on my learning center could have been “how to suppress Tourette Syndrome”

What I think I will remember the most about Night of the Notables is the old lady that came to my station. I swear that she was in the running for sweetest old lady of all time. It seems that she did NOTHING but compliment my every move, and it wasn’t forced, rather it was actually very sincere. I was half expecting some people to come to my learning center and attempt to undermine everything, or maybe nobody would come at all. But this nice old lady made the whole night easily twice as good as it was before.

The people I would like to thank for the Night of the Notables are Ms.Mulder (or course) for being so on top of everything and making sure that there was nothing left undone. I would also like to thank my interviewee (Ashley Menard) for being very open to my request for an interview, and being very accommodating in setting up a time.

Photos of learning center:

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