Annotated Biblography

I think the title speaks for itself on this one…

This one was a very short government resource that i just used to clarify a couple of brief facts. It was pretty useless, and I didn’t really need it. There was supposedly more to it, but I couldn’t access the rest of the article.
Like the last one, this article only briefly touched on some key facts. It did lead me in the right direction for what the key moments in his life were, but since this was only an abstract there wasn’t enough information to be properly used in my learning center or speech. Overall, it was a pretty useless article.

This was a very fact based document, and I used it’s information for any exact facts that I needed in my speech and learning center. For example, his cause of death, birth date, family and so on. This article was useful in my learning center/speech, but not necessary.

This article contained a lot of information, and was used in most aspects of my learning center and speech. It is one of the longer articles, and I felt that I could mostly trust it. However, I still doubled checked all the facts to see if they were in any other resources, just in case some of them were faulty. This was a very useful article.

This article was nearly identical to the two at the beginning, and i only briefly read it in case it had something interesting that other articles didn’t have. Overall, this article could have been eliminate from this list.

This article was practically the basis for my entire project. It was ridiculously long compared to the others, and was translated from what I  believe is German, so it was a bit choppy. However, it contained a lot of information that was not so fact based, but rather more about his life. I found this article extremely helpful, and I used it as my main resource.

This article was the one that I trusted the most, since it was written by the Tourette Foundation of Canada. I actually got an interview with the woman that wrote it. I used this article for a lot of my note taking, and for clarifying information. This was a very useful article.

I found this article to be very useful. It was originally in Spanish, so I had to translate which made it a bit odd to read. However, there was a lot of information, and I found it to be a very useful article.

This website I used for most of my information on the Rose Kamper event, as it was the most detailed depiction of this moment. Originally, I though why should I trust soething called “mind hacks”, however, I discovered it was a published book so I am going to assume it is at least semi-accurate. The information I found was clarified elsewhere, this was just the most detailed. I found this to be a very helpful resource.

This article I had originally used to find out how common tourette syndrome is, however I found out that the study they documented was out of date, and I later found on Tourette Foundation of Canada ( said that it affects 1 in 100 people, whereas the article I used first said 1 in 1000. I found the children.webmd article to be useless after discovering it was false information, however was a very useful site, as I got my interview there as well.


From my interview, I got more social information on tourette syndrome. More can be found about this in my previous posts.

Foster Olive, M., Tourette Syndrome, New York: Chelsea House, 2010, Hardcover

This book offered a resource that i could use to clarify information when I was not sure. I did not use it too much, since I didn’t always have the option to carry it around with me. I rate this book as an ok resource.

Rogers, Sheila, Natural Treatments for Tics and tourette’s, Berkely California, North Atlantic Books, Paperback

I had picked up this book since I thought that it might be interesting to see what they offered as their natural treatments, however I did not use any of it’s information since it 1: would have taken days to read, and 2: The first thing I read when I opened it is that wheat and dairy free diets help with tourette syndrome. I personally think that wheat/dairy free diets are just a fad, since everybody seems to think it will solve their problems and a lot of the time it does nothing. Therefore, I didn’t really trust this book as facts, but rather speculations. I rate it an untrustworthy and generally useless resource.

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