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For my document of learning, I am going to do a simple overview of what I have accomplished so far, show everyone my object of focus for my learning centre, and talk about how my learning has related back to my goals and such.

The first thing I did for my eminent person project was to choose an eminent person (Oh really?). I had a few people running through my brain, and I was trying to decide which was the most interesting one that I could connect with. My main idea at the time was Joe Satriani, and I was considering doing him for the grade ten year when we got to dress up. Yet because I wanted to do him in grade ten, I needed somebody else to use. A had a few thoughts, but my mom eventually suggested the man that diagnosed tourettes syndrome, since it has had an impact on my life. So I did some research, and came up with Gilles de la Tourette. He seemed like the perfect person to do, and I later discovered how much he related to my Word, dedication, as he is one of the most dedicated people I have ever read about (kept working after being shot in the head…).

Now that my eminent person had been picked, I needed to find resources. I looked around on the internet, and found a bunch of websites about Gilles that I could use, so I made a list of their links.

these websites proved to all be excellent resources, and because they were all about the same subject I could read them all to clarify what information was accurate based on whether or not it was reoccurring.

The next step was obtaining an interview. I did this by searching the web for non-profit organizations on tourettes syndrome, and contacted each one of them asking about an interview. I obtained an interview, and synthesized my results to be put into my learning center. More information on the subject can be found in my previous post.

The next step was writing my actual speech, which I didn’t actually find all that difficult. It took me two days to write, and only a few hours since I already had an outline and all of my information ready. Quite conveniently, my speech was almost exactly seven minutes, so I did not have to try and take any pieces out or add anything in. My speech was told by Jean-Martin Charcot, the mentor of Gilles de la Tourette, after he had passed away.

Now to tell you about my object of focus. While browsing the Tourettes Foundation of Canada website, I happened across their blog. Upon further inspection, I noticed that in the resources sections they had a short entry about a tourettes simulating game. This intrigued me, since it would be a great way to attract people and give them a perspective of what tourettes syndrome can be like.I tested the game out, and quite enjoyed it. It is a legend of zelda original style game, where the goal is to proceed through doors to your final objective. All the while, you have a stress meter that builds up, and when it gets to high, you do some sort of a twitch that can interrupt the game and cause your death. I found this game very entertaining, and decided it would be perfect for an object of focus in my learning center. A link to the game is here:

And now to talk about how my learning has related to my goals. I believe I mentioned this in an earlier post, but my eminent person study doesn’t really properly relate to my IEP goals. One could say it does, since a goal is to never hand in a late assignment, so I guess finishing things on time relates to my goal? As for my word, it has taken some ridiculous amounts of dedication to complete each part of this project, as I am very easily distracted by typing “youtube” into the URL bar. Because of this, I believe this assignment relates very well to my Word of choice. This assignment relates back to my goal stated in my introductory post (make an effort to suppress my tourettes syndrome) since as I learn more about Gilles de la tourette, I also learn more about the syndrome, and therefore I learn about ways that I can help myself suppress my tourettes syndrome.

Anyways, the end. I can’t exactly think of a good conclusion for this, so simply put,




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  1. Great document of learning on your route to Night of the Notables, Aidan! I like how you take us through your journey w/ Tourette, collect many valuable resources (for yourself and future readers/Googlers), and integrate the whole story into your goals for personal learning this year. Best of luck preparing your speech and learning center this week!

    Mr. J

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