Vancouver library trip

DSC_0107For our trip to the VPL, I decided that my theme would be to inspire myself. to do this, I took my camera with me and took picture of things that I found to be inspiring. Below is the link to my flickr where I uploaded the pictures.

My word from earlier, dedication, relates to this field trip since I must first be inspired to be dedicated to my project. On the trip, I didn’t learn a lot about my subject since I didn’t have time to read. What I did learn though is that tourettes syndrome isn’t very deeply studied. When searching through the library, I only found a handful of books about tourettes syndrome, and none about Gilles de la Tourette. Another thing I discovered was that pigeons make great photo subjects, due to their interesting colours and how they move quite frequently. Crows, on the other hand, are terrible photo subjects. They just look like a black blob and they never move. EVER. I spent the entire solo moment with my camera focused on ONE crow, and it NEVER took off.

This trip influenced my research on my eminent person by giving me the necessary resources on my subject. From the library, I was able to get a book all about tourettes syndrome, and another one that seemed to weigh eighty pounds that was all about natural remedies for tourettes. The natural remedies book can relate back to my goal from earlier, which is to suppress my tourettes syndrome over time. It has also influenced my research since after discovering that it is not a widely studied syndrome, I will now attempt to raise more awareness about the syndrome itself as well as my eminent person, instead of just focusing on my person. I will do this because many people have misconceptions about tourettes, influenced by the youtube phenomenon tourettes guy, who just gives people with tourettes a bad name. I will attempt to make people more aware that tourettes guy is either an actor, or a very uncommon case, rather than a reflection on all people with tourettes.

3 thoughts on “Vancouver library trip”

  1. Awesome post Aidan! I love how you tied your word and eminent-related study of tourettes syndrome into your post; however, I have one question. Can you tell us more about your solo spot? The part about crows seemed very interesting to me, and I’d love to learn more!

  2. Hi Aidan, I really enjoyed your post and photos. Your personal connections with your eminent person really makes this post interesting, and I like how you adressed some of the common views on Tourettes syndrome. Hopefully you will continue with your theme and follow up with what you learned in another post, as I find it very interesting.

  3. Hi Aidan, sorry this is a bit (and by a bit I mean over a week) late. I’ve been fairly busy with my own Eminent Person study.
    Anyway, very interesting post. Seeing as you didn’t get any books from the library or the bookstore about your person, did you manage to find such books anywhere else?

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